About Us

prestige used car sales

Company History

I started Patrix Prestige some 20 years ago, out of a real passion for cars, people and user experience - I started my interest as a teenager, taking classic, collectable and desirable vehicles back to their original state, developing a deep interest and understanding of the mechanicals and an eagle eye for detail.

I spent several of my earlier years in dealerships, learning the trade, and learning how to communicate with wholesalers/dealers and retail customers. Being a country boy from Shepparton, I found I had the ability to listen to people and how best to fulfill their wants and needs. One of the greatest benefits was learning from my 3 older brothers who had over 50 years' experience combined.

There are many customers and dealers who have stayed with me through the years, referring their friends and relatives in order to find the right car. In fact 75% of our business is repeat from local and interstate customers and dealers. Others work with us because of reputation alone - all of this has assisted my survival through two decades and two recessions.

Why choose Patrix Prestige?

Here at Patrix, we are not young upstart salespeople on commissions, jumping all over you with misguided enthusiasm - we build long term relationships by:

  • Creating unparalled service
  • By Appointment Only - just call and make an appointment
  • Encyclopaedic knowledge of vehicle makes and models
  • Offices in most States
  • New Stock is continually sourced, thoroughly inspected mechanically, fully prepared  and given a roadworthy by highly skilled senior European Mechanics/Technicians and quality controlled by us!
  • We are Valuers/Buyers - this enables us to buy in 1st quality motor vehicles from Dealers with surplus stock, Fleet and privately collectors and enthusiasts
  • No middlemen – allows great price competitiveness
  • Keeping overheads down
  • Heavily discounted prices without the pain of negotiation
  • Focus on Prestige/Exotic and rare models in all makes
  • We take the guesswork out of your purchase by guaranteeing title, researching service history looking for previous accidents or adverse history
  • We provide strong backup after sales service and can provide additional warranty
  • It doesn’t stop at goodbye – it just starts

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